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Woowbe is a new loyalty channel where the return is always positive. Connect more directly with your clients and offer discounts and promotions that actually work.
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Increase your sales

Woowbe will help you attract new customers to your business by showing them your offers. This way you will get:
  1. More visits to your business and a higher customer loyalty.
  2. A higher average ticket.
  3. A better customer experience for your brand.

Get an always positive return

Woowbe allows you to set a budget for each offer and use them only when your customers buy your products or services. This way you pay only for results.

Engage with an audience of more than 2MM users

Woowbe performs an intelligent, automatic and segmented delivery of your offers.

In this way you can show your offers according to:
  1. Consumption habits
  2. Geo-positioning
  3. Active days and hours
82% of consumers would shop more often at a store they haven't been to in a while if they know there are direct cash-back offers…They would spend more if they knew that they would instantly receive a 5% refund at the end of the purchase.
— The Center of Generational Kinetics
We want you to feel safe
We do not sell your data and we are 100% GDPR compliant.
We have a unique and specific integration with each financial entity.
We apply the highest security standards in our IT and operational systems.

Work easily with our platform

1. Publish your offers

With Woowbe you can create the offers that best suit your business.

You can publish offers with a discount percentage, a fixed refund amount or a stamp card.

2. Define the reward

Choose how much you want to pay for each offer, set a percentage, a minimum purchase amount or a maximum refund amount.

3. Set up your offer

Woowbe allows you to define on which days and times your offer will be available and set a fixed budget.

4. Activate your offer

You can activate your offer both in the online and offline channels. As well as selecting in which of your points of sale it will be available.

5. Follow the offer activity in real time

Woowbe gives you the tools to follow the results of your sales in real time.

You can get insights, discover consumer trends, and optimize your offers to improve your results.

Join Woowbe and start increasing your sales

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